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How to Create a Masterpiece

What if you were asked to create a masterpiece? Would you be up for it? Would you know what to do? Where to start? I heard about an interesting experiment that took place in an art class but is a great lesson no matter what you are working on in life.

Chris Do was interviewing Seth Godin and Chris explained that he teaches art classes and has tried two different approaches with his students. In the first class he assigns students to create one "masterpiece" by the end of the term. With the second group of students, he asks them to create "any work of art" every day for three weeks. Inevitably students asked to create a masterpiece will often not submit anything at all and many even drop out of the class. The students assigned to create something daily usually create several great works over the course of 21 days.

The words we use as well as the lens we look through can drastically effect the outcome of our work, and our life.

When faced with a challenge, change your perspective, do a little every single day and I'm sure you will create a masterpiece.

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