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Mark’s presentation was a huge hit. Wonderful. Thank you. I’m being asked how I could possibly top what Mark did next year. Mark’s message was exactly in line with our Capturing Kids Hearts theme. Our district needed to start the year off with laughs. Mark definitely made that happen. I would highly recommend him.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Hendricks
Charter Oak Unified
School District (K-12)
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the incredible start to our year. The teachers said, 'It was the best kick off ever!'. Mark’s message was perfect for our teachers.  If any school or district is thinking of bringing in Mark to speak, give me a call and I will tell you how thrilled my staff was to start the year off with a fun and memorable presentation.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Thomason
Higley Unified School District (K-12)
Gilbert, AZ
Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 12.32.36

His ability to share his own experiences from the classroom really helped teachers connect to his message. His use of humor is appropriate and in good nature. If you want your teachers to laugh, be reflective and hear a great message about relationships, Mark is your guy.

Principal Juan Santos
Perris High School
Perris, CA
Juan Santos.JPG

The teachers said having Mark was the best start to a school year in the history of our school. His message on growing relationships immediately enhanced our school culture. Many teachers commented that he was the funniest speaker they have ever heard. I can’t think of a better event for my staff. I have walked classrooms the last three days and my teachers are happy and working to build relationships with their students. I know Mark was a tremendous part of the tone that has been set for our year.

Principal Nicole Dayus

Chaparral High School

Riverside, CA


I really can’t say enough positive things about how great Mark was. Literally, everyday for over a week I have heard something along these lines, 'Mark was amazing, so funny and entertaining!'. Thank you for the purposeful inspiration in your presentation. That has come up again and again with our staff. Mark will be the highlight of your professional development for the year. I can’t compete in any way, shape, or form with what he accomplished in the hour he spent with our staff. Our teachers love him and want him to come back next year.

Principal Aimee Ricken
Great Oak High School
Riverside, CA

If you want your staff to start the year off feeling motivated and a day filled with laughter, then Mark is your guy. Here are some comments we received from teachers: "He was the best speaker ever! Thank you!". "That was probably, hands down, the best staff development

I have been to in 22 years. I honestly don't know how you will top it next year. It was everything we needed." "He was engaging, hilarious, and thoughtful. I know it is hard sometimes to find people. This time it was perfect. Just what we all needed, a good laugh together with inspiration." 

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
Julie Olesniewicz
Claremont Unified School District
Claremont, CA

I cannot recall a more positive or uplifting school year kick off in my 25 years of education. The content of his message was outstanding. Mark reminded us in a humorous way, the joys of teachings and delivered heartfelt advice about the importance of building quality relationships with students and each other. I highly recommend Mark to help start the year out with energy and purpose.

Superintendent Ken Berlin

Wattsburg Area School District

Erie, PA


Thank you for taking the time to speak to our administrative leadership team. Our school leaders are truly blessed to have been introduced to you. Your ability to use humor when conveying the importance of why educators should prioritize relationships and exemplify compassion was inspiring. Thank you for affirming the significance of our purpose as educators and allowing us to laugh along the journey.

Superintendent Dr. James Hammond

Ontario-Montclair School

District (K-8)

Ontario, CA

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 9.46.21 AM.png

Mark was fantastic! Every year at our back to school rally we have some really good speakers and every time, I am excited for the school year but not pumped. Mark really and truly pumped us all up! He shared with us some wonderful advice and insight on making a difference in the lives of students with whom we interact. Mark is very funny and had everyone around me in either tears or close. I’d highly recommend him.

Speech Pathologist Brandon Johnson
Bridges Elementary
Gilbert, AZ

Mark was invited to Lakeside Union School District to open the school year. He was a HUGE hit! What a wonderful way to welcome back our teachers and staff and start the school year reconnecting through laughter and excitement. Mark comes with the highest recommendation possible from our district.

Executive Director of Pupil Services Natalie Winspear

Lakeside Union School District (K-8)

San Diego, CA

Natalie Winspear.png

Mark’s presentation was exceptional. One teacher shared with me that it was the best professional development in her 30+ year teaching career. Mark had a great message on how to build relationships in our classrooms and schools. He was not only motivational but had everyone in stitches.

Superintendent Dr. Gary Brogan
Bear Lake School District #33 (K-12)
Paris, ID
gary brogan.png

Mark spoke on the importance of building positive relationships with students, staff and parents. He provided practical examples of how to be a positive role model and how to create a sense of belonging in and out of the classroom. He's a great presenter with a great message!

Superintendent Frank Donavan

Magnolia School District

Anaheim, CA

Superintendent - Dr. Frank DONAVAN pic2

People went out of their way to tell me that this was the best opening of school we’ve ever had with the best speaker. They were inspired and excited to welcome students back to school.


Dr. Katherine Thorossian

Monrovia Unified

School District (K-12)

Monrovia, CA


It was exactly what I hoped for; positive, helpful, valuable information on creating a positive culture with a mix of humor. Our groups opinion was overwhelmingly positive.

Superintendent Teresa Fabricius
Fruitland School District (PK-12)
Fruitland, ID
Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.32.57 PM.png

My staff simply loved your talk. It was the perfect event for our staff to laugh, bond and be reminded about being good colleagues and student advocates. We’d love to have you back sometime this year.

Principal Dr. Charles Park
Palos Verdes High School
Palos Verdes, CA
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 11.34.59

It perfectly suited our needs. It was just the right balance of humor and messaging.

Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Staff Development, & Categorical Programs Rebecca Summers

Glendora Unified School District

Glendora, CA

Summers, Rebecca.png

The Granite Hills staff is still talking about your impact from last year.

Principal Mike Fowler

Granite Hills High School

San Diego, CA

Mike Fowler.png

Mark’s message on growing relationships perfectly fit out needs.

Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction Brenda Kantz

Conneaut School District (K-12)

Linesville, PA


Extremely impactful with our message that relationships matter in the district. The feedback from the staff was really positive and many stated it was the best in-service they have ever been a part of. The message is something that our district can capitalize on all year long.

Curriculum Director Buckley Cook Harbor Creek School District
Harborcreek, PA

Mark, you NAILED IT. One teacher shared with me, 'This was the best professional development EVER. Mark was SO FUNNY. He continued to help us with what we say we want–focus on relationships with students and each other, and be supportive!' 

Principal Robin Ballarin

West Hills High School

San Diego, CA

Robin Ballarin.png

Thank you so much for kicking off our Administrative Leadership Summit. You were everything we thought you would be and more. You are definitely on our "A" list for future teacher in-service and back to school breakfast presenters. You should expect a call from us in the future!

Assistant Superintendent
Linda de la Torre
San Marino Unified School District
Los Angeles, CA
Linda De La Torre.png

You made us laugh and your words touched our hearts. Your stories revealed the resiliency of children and the importance of teacher and staff relationships with students. Thanks for reminding us that we do more than teach history and math; teachers help students reach their dreams.

Superintendent Bob Pletka
Fullerton School District (K-8)
Fullerton, CA
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.43.44

Thanks, Mark! I visited every school campus today for the first day of school and heard even more positive comments, including, "Can he come back every year?"  Your positive message, humor, and credibility as a former teacher left a lasting impact with staff throughout our district; thank you!

Superintendent Rob Voors
Glendora Unified School District
Glendora, CA

Exactly what we needed to unify and uplift our faculty and staff. Many of our administrators and faculty said this was the best in-service opening we have ever had. The humor for our opening moments back together coupled with the positive relationship-building message were a perfect start to the year.

Assistant to the Superintendent
Trevor Murnock
Girard School District
Girard, PA
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.00.13

We received so many comments that this was the best opening day we have ever hosted at Millcreek Township School District. These comments started directly after the presentation and are still continuing.

Supervisor of Instructional Technology Jaime Plaster
Millcreek Township School
District (PK-12)
Erie, PA

Great experience for the faculty and staff. This was the second time we’ve had Mark speak. It was exactly what we needed as we are embarking on an initiative to address our school culture. Would love to have Mark back again.

Head of School Steve Cunningham
St. Anne School (PK-8)
Laguna Niguel, CA
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.27.17

The educators loved Mark! They walked away with strategies to not only improve their own teaching but Mark also made them think, 'What’s education really about? Are you really connecting to your kids?' – they found it incredibly valuable.

President Wende Borowski
Alpha Delta Kappa Int.
Educators Sorority
Orange County, CA

Our staff enjoyed Mark's presentation tremendously. It was both entertaining and inspiring. He is worth the monetary investment.

Principal Dr. Emily Shaw

Hemet High School

Hemet, CA


Teachers reported to me that this was the best Welcome Back in 25 years. Mark was funny and inspirational all at the same time, when can he come back!

Superintendent Michelle Murphy

Rim of the World

Unified School District

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Michelle Murphy, Superintendent.png

An incredibly fun and positive way to kick-off the new school year. Our staff truly enjoyed Mark’s presentation. I am very pleased with the success of our event.

Superintendent Anne Silavs
Cypress School District
Cypress, CA

Mark is an amazing comedian and drives home a message about remembering your why when teaching and developing positive relationships with students! Very funny with an education 

crowd... book him if you can!

Principal David Nygren

Rim of the World High School

Lake Arrowhead, CA

David Nygren.png

I highly recommend Mark! Well done! He received rave review from our teachers. His message was well suited to our needs; staff found it funny and uplifting - a great way to start the year. I have been sharing his information with colleagues.

Assistant Superintendent
Educational Services
Hanan Thornton
Magnolia School District
Anaheim, CA
Hanan Thornton.png

What a fun way to end one semester and start the next. When I looked around the room I saw even the toughest teachers cracking up. Your ability to find humor in the everyday lives of teachers is unique and needs to be shared. Thanks again.

Assistant Principal Gina Aguilar
Esperanza High School
Anaheim, CA

Mark’s keynote was excellent. I received nothing but positive feedback. He had a great message about developing positive relationships with students and staff.

Superintendent Roger Trail
Royal School District
Royal City, WA
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 11.26.28

Wonderful! Mark's message appealed to all of our staff. His presentation was a great service to us.

Professional Development Director Dr. Siri Pinnock
Madison School District
Rexburg, ID
High School Exterior

You were a fantastic keynote for our district orientation today. Our teachers absolutely loved you – great job!

Principal Scott Goergens
Tierra del Sol Middle School
San Diego, CA

A sincere thank you for the wonderful and uplifting performance this morning. I cannot tell you how many teachers have come up to me today so thankful for the opportunity to have you join us during in-services. Your visit set the stage with happy and positive momentum for the start of our school year! People were smiling all day!

Assistant Principal Jaime Harding

St. Anne School (PK-8)

Orange County, CA

High School Exterior

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful speaker we listened to at the back to school convocation morning at the high school. As we are heading back into a new year after so many years of teaching, it is so nice to listen to a motivational and humorous speaker that puts everything into perspective for us. So many people around me were very impressed with him as was I. I commented that I hadn't laughed that hard in months...which is of course the moment that you realize how much that kind of laughter is needed. Great job finding him as a speaker for us to start this school year. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it!

Teacher Kristy Fritz
Goddard Middle School
Glendora, CA
School Kids

100% pure enjoyment and inspiration.

Superintendent David Miyashiro
Cajon Valley Union
School District (PK-12)
El Cajon, CA
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