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Reignite the Joy (45-60 minute keynote)

This uplifting and humor-filled message is a great way to kick off your school year, semester, or re-energize educators throughout the year. Mark's signature keynote walks through clarifying your purpose, choosing fun, growing relationships with colleagues and students, and celebrating one another. Mark shares his own teaching journey from 70-student classes in rural China, to English language schools in Taiwan, to high school in Southern California.


He opens up about the challenges he faced as a new teacher and the success he found by growing relationships with his students, colleagues and himself. Attendees are inspired to look for more meaning in their work and reignite the joy in their classrooms and their campuses. As one principal told Mark, "I have walked classrooms the last three days and my teachers are happy and working to build relationships with their students. I know your message was a tremendous part of the tone that has been set for our year”.  

With our schools and communities facing so many new challenges, making time for compassion and connection isn't just a good's imperative. In this keynote address, Mark covers creating special moments for staff, clarity of the mission, growing relationships, setting the tone, and turning darkness into light. The uplifting message reminds audiences that our next small thing, our next smile, our next 'Thank you', could make a huge difference.

Lead with a Smile: Building Stronger Schools (45-60 minute keynote)


It's not one big thing that makes us stronger, it's many little things. Schools and communities need support now, more than ever. Our teachers need cheerleaders, our staff needs to feel valued, our students need connection. Mark's keynote walks your leaders through the little things that can make a huge impact on your campuses. It is a mix of heart and humor - a combination your teams can take back to their offices and their classrooms and start building stronger schools now.

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